Siku Word pier with adjustable pontoons, access ramps, adjustable and rotating crane for unloading freight, harbour boat, building with customs zone and snack bar and shop. Customising sticker sheet included. Compatible with other Siku World products.

Supply station for ships
There is always work to be done at the SIKUWORLD landing stage. With its individual parts, the landing stage can be built in multiple ways, and customised using stickers. Boats can be launched into the water and drawn out via the ramp. The muffled boom of the ship’s horn signals the end of the lunch break for the dockworkers. The fish and chips at the snack stall are swallowed quickly, and the workboat is already being moored. It takes just a few skilled actions to securely tie the boat to the bitts on the quay wall. The gantry crane with the travelling trolley starts to move. The cargo on the workboat has to be discharged, as the dockworkers call it, because the captain wants to cast off again. The SIKUWORLD landing stage consists of the workboat, buoys, two flags, snack stall, and a landing stage with entries and exits, two plastic panels in a blue design, crane, and crates. The crates can be opened, filled, and emptied. The SIKUWORLD landing stage can be played with on its own, but it is also the perfect addition to the SIKUWORLD Water World and the SIKUWORLD container ship.

Approx. product dimensions: 900x384x397mm

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