Beautifully sculptured with lifelike features, the Dilophosaurus is great for play and educational purposes! This toy replica is 18.4cm x7.1cm. FUN FACTS: Dilophosaurus A new model of North America’s Early Jurassic theropod, Dilophosaurus, that lived around 193 million years ago. A medium sized carnivore growing up to about 7 m (23 ft) in length whose head was ornamented with twin crests probably used in mating rituals. Well known to the public through its erroneous portrayal in the film Jurassic Park, the CollectA model incorporates recent paleontological research published in 2020 that amongst other things, corrected the appearance of the crests and upper jaw. It is the state dinosaur of Connecticut. Age 3yrs+. Distributed in New Zealand by Holdson.

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